5 Famous Ads You Didn’t Know Were Made by Women

1. I Love NY

2. Together

The return of The King (non-Ohioans might know him as simply, LeBron James) to Cleveland in 2014 sparked a huge opportunity for Nike; its signature athlete, one of the greatest of all time, was coming home with the goal to finally bring a championship to his home town. This is the ad that followed:

3. A Diamond is Forever

For a classic example of how advertising can sculpt an entire category, look no further than “A Diamond is Forever.” The classic line debuted in 1948 and has appeared in every De Beers ad since.

Connecting the longevity of a diamond with the longevity of a marriage has become one of the most successful positioning efforts of all time.

4. The Axe Effect

Originally known by its English name, “The Lynx Effect,” this campaign has become one of the most recognizable in modern advertising. While its dramatic production built around the idea of making a man’s wildest sexual dreams come true might lead you to believe it was created by men, it is actually the work of award-winning Creative Director Tiger Savage King.

5. We Try Harder

In the 1960s, Avis rental cars was trailing behind the industry leader Hertz, and needed a new ad campaign to make up some ground. What they did next would continue to be taught in every advertising class for the rest of all time. The iconic We Try Harder Campaign:

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