The 2018 Super Bowl Ad Survival Guide

Written by: Carolina Zappala

The Super Bowl. One of the biggest sporting events in the United States. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are the match up for 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of course, the football game is the largest part of the show, even though I am particularly excited to see Justin Timberlake perform this year. As for advertisers, this is one of the most profitable and important times of the year for brands. Some of the most memorable commercials were created for the Super Bowl. One in particular I can remember (a personal favorite) is the Volkswagen commercial of the Darth Vader Kid, which aired in 2011.

Take a look at some of the brands hoping to make an impact this Sunday at Super Bowl LII:

1. Bud Light

Dilly Dilly! The well-known medieval spot done by Bud Light will be making another appearance at the Super Bowl. The concept was first released over the summer with the “Banquet” commercial. It showcased townspeople presenting the king with Bud Light and cheering, Dilly Dilly! America was immediately hooked on this catchphrase, and Bud Light continued to push out these commercials. This campaign has had such an incredible impact on consumers, as many now use the “Dilly, Dilly” catchphrase in everyday life. Some New England fans have capitalized on the phrase, tailoring it to Bill Belichick and the Patriots: Billy Billy!

In an Adweek article, Bud Light VP of Marketing, Andy Goeler, noted,

“Consumers have latched onto it and made it their own, which is what makes this such an exciting time for Bud Light. I think we all knew we had something special when we heard the first reads of the ‘Banquet’ spot, but I don’t know that we ever could have predicted it would have taken off like this. People love ‘Dilly Dilly,’ and we’re more than happy to keep providing new content.”

Bud Light has already started pushing out ads tailored to both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles with the same concept:



Keep an eye out for the medieval ad on Sunday and of course… Dilly Dilly!

2) Diet Coke

Diet Coke will be making their first appearance at the Super Bowl in over 21 years. Just recently, Diet Coke released their new flavored Diet Coke line — which includes tastes like twisted mango and feisty cherry. Their new spot, part of the “Because I Can” campaign, was released just before the Super Bowl featuring actress Gillian Jacobs. This ad is one of the many ads that Diet Coke has released in hopes to gear their strategy towards a more millennial-focused audience. Their Super Bowl spot hasn’t launched yet — Diet Coke hoping to make the big reveal on game day.

The “Because I Can” campaign includes Diet Coke’s new packaging, which is a thin silver can with a colorful flavor-driven stripe running along the side.

Adweek reported in an interview with Coca-Cola North America’s group director for Diet Coke, Rafael Acevedo,

“Diet Coke has always been a brand that stands for confidence, but how we’re saying it is totally new. Now, it’s about having the confidence to do what you want to do and drink what you want to drink. Because you can.”

Look out for those new cans this Sunday… “because you can!”

3) Budweiser

Another beer commercial will be making an appearance at Super Bowl LII, but under a different concept than years past. Budweiser is typically known for their horse and puppy commercial, which aired during the 2015 Super Bowl:

This year, Budweiser will be taking on a more serious subject: Disaster Relief Efforts. In their spot “Stand By You,” Budweiser highlights the incredible employees who provided aid for people whose lives were changed by natural disasters this year, like the hurricanes, which shook Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, and the fires & mudslides, which destroyed parts of California.

The spot features a cover of the well-known song, “Stand By Me,” sung by Skylar Grey. All proceeds from downloads of this song will be donated to the Red Cross. The powerful and moving spot offers a hand to those in need and highlights the hard work and dedication Budweiser employees provided during a difficult time.

You can check out the spot below or wait to see it on your big screen during the Big Game:

4) Amazon

Amazon is truly is one of my favorite companies. You really can’t beat guaranteed two day shipping. Unfortunately, I don’t own an Echo or Dot just yet, but maybe they can convince me this Sunday at the Super Bowl…

Amazon will be making their Super Bowl appearance airing their 90-second spot, which highlights their virtual assistant, Alexa. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, will make a cameo in the spot along with some other well-know celebs, asking us all the question — what would happen if Alexa lost her voice? Check out the teaser for the spot here:

This is not the only time Amazon will be featured during the Super Bowl. They will also be releasing their first commercial for their streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. The 60-second spot will highlight their new thriller show, “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” Amazon hopes to keep their streaming service relevant in the “streaming era” to compete with other services like Netflix and Hulu. This comes after Prime Video won a Golden Globe for best comedy series for their series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

More shows for us to keep on our binge-watching radars! Be sure to catch these two spots on Sunday — maybe it’ll convince you to purchase that Echo too!

While these ads may be the front runners for this year’s game, we’re looking forward to all of the exciting ads launching on Sunday. We’re also excited, as a Boston-based agency, to cheer on our home team in between commercial breaks. Billy Billy!

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We are a creative, Boston-based ad agency that takes the things we know, learns the (many) things we don’t, and puts them to work for our clients’ success.

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Brand Content

Brand Content

We are a creative, Boston-based ad agency that takes the things we know, learns the (many) things we don’t, and puts them to work for our clients’ success.

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